CoolBreeze premium quality evaporative air conditioners are built right here in Australia to handle the climate extremes of this country.  No other brand comes close to the performance and airflow capacity of CoolBreeze units.

Here are some of the unique features built into a CoolBreeze Air Conditioner which sets this reliable air conditioner apart from other brands:

Water Management System

Water usage is critical to the operation of evaporative air conditioners.  The clever design of CoolBreeze results in a water reservoir of only 11 litres.  The unique water management system that pre-cleans the filter panels and washes out the reservoir every day means clean, fresh air every time you use your CoolBreeze.

The Water Management System reduces water usage dramatically, especially when compared to those brands that constantly overfill the unit so it’s always overflowing with water.  The unique Counter-Weight Water Release Valve combined with the CoolBreeze Magna-Sensor ensures a totally fail-safe water level setting that never needs adjusting.


Every CoolBreeze unit is subjected to a stringent quality control process during manufacture that includes test running and calibrating every motor to ensure the reliability of your CoolBreeze.

Weather Proof

The optional CoolBreeze Weather Seal ensures that there are no draughts during the winter months.  Not only does this help keep you cosy but it means no climbing on the roof to cover your air conditioner with a tarp or plastic bag.  And your CoolBreeze unit is always ready to go on the first hot day of the season.

Exhaust Mode

Only CoolBreeze features a convenient exhaust mode that freshens your home without the need to open windows to the cold outside air. You will find that you use your CoolBreeze 365 days a year.  At the touch of a button every ceiling vent of your CoolBreeze system is transformed into a powerful extraction fan, clearing your home of stale air and unwanted odours, be it from burning the toast to pets smells.

Direct Drive Motor

CoolBreeze features a unique ‘under-fan’ direct drive motor that enables a lower profile roof mounted cabinet and also lower running costs compared to barrel type fans. This design allows for closer manufacturing tolerances resulting in quieter operation.

The direct drive motor does away with drive belts and pulleys that need regular adjustment and maintenance.
The “golf ball” like, dimpled surface of the Powerflow fan used on the larger CoolBreeze models ensures maximum air flow with minimum energy.