World’s Best Evaporative Air Conditioner

The Coolbreeze Academy will teach you all you could possibly need to know about CoolBreeze, its key features and benefits but most importantly, the key advantages to your customer from those CoolBreeeze features.

The academy includes articles on particular components and manufacturing processes that make CoolBreeze the world’s best evaporative air conditioner.

The Sales Info page draws on 35 years of experience in selling CoolBreeze to home-owners across Australia.

Whether you’ve been selling CoolBreeze for many years or have only recently joined the CoolBreeze family you will find all the information that you need to show your prospective clients to help them make their purchasing decision.

Here’s all the information you could possibly require – brochures, technical manuals, photos, logos, even competitor brochures etc. Also included are interactive comparison charts to compare CoolBreeze models against another brand of air conditioner.

And all this is constantly updated – you will always have the most recent information at your finger tips.