It’s only natural to want the best value for money when purchasing an air conditioner for your home and we believe CoolBreeze offers the best value.  But value for money goes beyond the initial purchase price.  Consider what you get when you install a CoolBreeze in your home:

More air for less energy

CoolBreeze provides more cool air than any other brand on the market in Australia and uses less electricity to do so. More air – Less Energy.

Quieter operation

Other brands claim that old-fashioned drum fans make less noise. That may have been the case 15 or 20 years ago, but fan technology has come a long way in that time. So we tested them and when delivering the same amount of air, the CoolBreeze Powerflow Fan is quieter.

Lower maintenance efforts

CoolBreeze features an ingenious Water Management System that uses less water than other brands while ensuring 100% fresh water every time you turn the air conditioner on. There is no water left lying inside the machine when it’s not in use, whether that’s for one day, or right through winter. Your CoolBreeze unit is self-cleaning and essentially maintenance free.

4-Seasons Weather Seal

With the optional 4-Seasons Weather Seal there is no need to climb on the roof (or pay a professional) to cover the unit in winter and then come back 6 months later to uncover it. Your CoolBreeze unit is always ready to go whenever you need fresh, filtered air in your home. That first hot day of spring – CoolBreeze is ready!

CoolBreeze also offers the best evaporative air conditioner warranty in the world – a whopping ten years for total peace of mind!