Evaporative Air Conditioning For The Aussie Lifestyle

Evaporative Air Conditioning For The Aussie Lifestyle

CoolBreeze evaporative A/C systems cool your home the same way nature cools a rain forest – by blowing air across the water so it evaporates, reducing the temperature and refreshing the air.  Only with CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning the water is held in Coolcel filter pads so the process also removes dust, pollen and allergens.

CoolBreeze Evaporative air conditioners provide a continuous flow of air into your home. Fresh and cool, this airflow forces out stale air, which is never re-circulated. Typically, all the air in your home is replaced every few minutes, unlike refrigerated air conditioning that repeatedly recycles the same air over and over again.

Better for your family and for the environment

With its low energy costs and the use of water in place of ozone depleting refrigerant gases used in refrigerated air conditioners, CoolBreeze Evaporative A/C systems are not only better for your family, it’s better for the environment as well.

As CoolBreeze is a 100% fresh air, natural cooling system, it works best with some doors or windows open. So you don’t have worry about doors being left open and kids or pets running in and out! CoolBreeze compliments the indoor-outdoor Aussie lifestyle.