An In Depth Look At The CoolBreeze Technology

An In Depth Look At The CoolBreeze Technology

Exhaust mode – exclusive to CoolBreeze

CoolBreeze air conditioning

Use your CoolBreeze evaporative cooling system 365 days of the year. Only CoolBreeze cooling systems offer you this unique feature standard with every model. At the touch of a button, every outlet of your CoolBreeze evaporative A/C is transformed into a powerful extraction fan – clearing your entire home of stale air and unwanted odours. Use your CoolBreeze every day even in winter to freshen your home without the need to open windows to the cold outside even in winter to freshen your home without the need to open windows to the cold outside.

Weather management system

weather seal CoolBreeze

Automatically seals off airflow to and from your home when the air conditioning system is not operating. Prevents cold drafts entering your home as well as heat loss in winter through the ducting and air conditioning system.

Quietest performance

CoolBreeze quiet performance

An efficient design coupled with noise absorbing polymer construction and our advanced fan technology, all combine to make CoolBreeze one of the quietest systems on the market today.

CoolBreeze technology has developed the quietest performing evaporative airconditioner available, without reducing the all important airflow!

Temperature control

QA Controller CoolBreeze

Another first for CoolBreeze was the introduction of electronic temperature control, currently available on the QA series controller.

Simply set your desired temperature and your CoolBreeze evaporative A/C will work to the best of it’s ability to keep your home at that temperature. The unit will even turn it
self off at night and on again the following morning when it is in Automatic Temperature Mode.

Intelligent water management system

CoolBreeze water management

CoolBreeze were the first and are still the only air conditioning company to introduce a fully automatic, whole of unit, water management system to all their domestic systems. Outdated Bleed systems are not even available as an option.

Your CoolBreeze evaporative cooling system will be protected with the technologically advanced water management system reducing water usage and extending the life of the filter panels by removing deposit build-up. The Water Manager comes standard with every system. A unique wash, flush and drain cycle at the start of each day ensures a cleaner system requiring less maintenance.

When the unit is turned off it also performs the same automatic maintenance cycle to ensure all the contaminants filtered out of the air are flushed out of the system and then drains the water to ensure the water reservoir is dry when the unit is not in use. The technologically advanced water management system reduces water usage and extends the life of the filter panels by removing deposit build-up.

Air conditioning polymer casing

CoolBreeze polymer casing

Premium grade and exceptionally tough polymer, it’s integral strength, resistance and durability to weathering, including UV degradation is unmatched by any other casing material.

There is absolutely no corrosion which is common in metal casings. Your CoolBreeze evap cooling system will not crack and it will never corrode, always performing as good as the day it was installed.

Evaporative Versus Reverse Cycle – A Comparison

Evaporative Versus Reverse Cycle – A Comparison

Purchase price and running costs

The most impressive feature of CoolBreeze Air Conditioning compared to refrigerated systems is the price. Even the biggest CoolBreeze evaporative units are a fraction of the price of a comparable refrigerated unit. But the big savings come with the running costs – The largest residential CoolBreeze air conditioning unit uses less power than a standard refrigerated wall unit that cools just your living room.

No more of the “it’s not hot enough to turn on the air-con” – with CoolBreeze you can run the unit 24 hours a day for around the cost of running a refrigerated unit for just one hour!

Maintenance costs

With refrigerated air conditioning the cost of replacement parts can be astronomical. A fan assembly typically costs around $800 and upwards and heaven help if the compressor fails! You could be up for $1800 or more quite easily.

With CoolBreeze Air Conditioning the most expensive component, the motor, retails for around $400 to $500.

Fresh air versus re-circulated

CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioners provide a continuous flow of fresh, filtered air into your home. Fresh and cool, this airflow forces out stale air, which is never re-circulated. Typically, all the air in your home is replaced 35 times per hour, unlike refrigerated air conditioning that repeatedly recycles the same air over and over again.

Most refrigerated air conditioners have air-filters built into the system. These require regular maintenance and replacement; however your CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioner automatically cleans and washes the filter panels before and after every use ensuring a clean fresh environment for your family.

With its low energy costs and the use of water in place of ozone depleting refrigerant gases used in refrigerated air conditioners.

Whole of home versus zoned areas

CoolBreeze for your home

With the low running costs of CoolBreeze you can cool your whole home without the need to decide which ‘zone’ to cool.

Due to the high operating costs of refrigerated air conditioning, most systems are designed to only cool part of the home at a time as a unit capable of cooling the whole house at once would draw a massive amount of power.  You can run the CoolBreeze Air Conditioning System all day for a fraction of the price.

By cooling the whole home you remove the core heat from the structure of the house.  This is particularly effective during heat wave conditions where high temperatures over consecutive days build up the heat load of the house. With your CoolBreeze system, you will sleep easy every night.

Many people see refrigerated air conditioning as the “magic bullet” that is going to cure all their home comfort needs, however the facts show the operating range for most domestic refrigerated air conditioners is between -2o and 35o with performance dropping off dramatically outside this range.

With only a handful of extremely hot and humid days each year across the “Mediterranean Climate” of the Southern half of Australia, evaporative air conditioning, provided it is sized correctly for your home, will provide a comfortable in-home environment for your family that you will be happy to use rather than begrudgingly turn on when you can’t bear the heat anymore.

Understanding CoolBreeze Control Systems

Understanding CoolBreeze Control Systems

CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning is committed to providing an air conditioning system for every application from residential homes to large commercial warehouses. Our in-house research and design team are constantly updating and developing innovative products to meet the needs of our clients’ right around the world.

CoolBreeze Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning system provides an option of two controllers. The unit performance is identical, only the sophistication of the controller changes.

CoolBreeze QM Controller

QM Controller CoolBreeze

  • LED Display
  • Cool Mode
  • Fan Mode
  • Exhaust Mode
  • Pre-start Wash
  • Post-use Wash and Drain
  • Auto Clean Cycle
  • 10 Fan Speed Setting


CoolBreeze QA Controller

QA Controller CoolBreeze

  • LED Display
  • Cool Mode
  • Fan Mode
  • Exhaust Mode
  • Pre-start Wash
  • Post-use Wash and Drain
  • Auto Clean Cycle
  • 100 Fan Speed Settings
  • Auto Temperature Mode
  • Timer Function
Why Choose CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning?

Why Choose CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning?

It’s only natural to want the best value for money when purchasing an air conditioner for your home and we believe CoolBreeze offers the best value.  But value for money goes beyond the initial purchase price.  Consider what you get when you install a CoolBreeze in your home:

More air for less energy

CoolBreeze provides more cool air than any other brand on the market in Australia and uses less electricity to do so. More air – Less Energy.

Quieter operation

Other brands claim that old-fashioned drum fans make less noise. That may have been the case 15 or 20 years ago, but fan technology has come a long way in that time. So we tested them and when delivering the same amount of air, the CoolBreeze Powerflow Fan is quieter.

Lower maintenance efforts

CoolBreeze features an ingenious Water Management System that uses less water than other brands while ensuring 100% fresh water every time you turn the air conditioner on. There is no water left lying inside the machine when it’s not in use, whether that’s for one day, or right through winter. Your CoolBreeze unit is self-cleaning and essentially maintenance free.

4-Seasons Weather Seal

With the optional 4-Seasons Weather Seal there is no need to climb on the roof (or pay a professional) to cover the unit in winter and then come back 6 months later to uncover it. Your CoolBreeze unit is always ready to go whenever you need fresh, filtered air in your home. That first hot day of spring – CoolBreeze is ready!

CoolBreeze also offers the best evaporative air conditioner warranty in the world – a whopping ten years for total peace of mind!

CoolBreeze = Energy Savings

CoolBreeze = Energy Savings

Although evaporative air conditioners can make huge savings on energy costs compared to refrigerated air conditioning, it is important to note that not all evaporative air conditioners are equal.

The science behind evaporative air conditioners relies on two factors, the air flow and the volume of the cooling media or filter panels. If the filter panels are too small it doesn’t matter how much air you push through them, there just won’t be enough cooling. The reverse also is true, it doesn’t matter how big the filter panels are if you’re not moving enough air through them.

More cooling and less energy

Testing has shown that CoolBreeze provides the most cooling ability of any residential evaporative unit on the market in Australia. But the surprising result of the testing was that CoolBreeze used less energy to achieve these results. That’s more cooling – less energy!

CoolBreeze features a unique ‘under-fan’ direct drive motor that enables a lower profile roof mounted cabinet and also lower running costs compared to barrel type fans. This design allows for closer manufacturing tolerances resulting in quieter operation.

The direct drive motor does away with drive belts and pulleys that need regular adjustment and maintenance.

The “golf ball” like a dimpled surface of the Powerflow fan used on the larger CoolBreeze models ensures maximum airflow with minimum noise. CSIRO testing shows CoolBreeze to be one of the quietest brands on the market.

More cooling, less energy – that feels good!